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the attitude of gratitude

Have you ever heard of a gratitude list? This is a very simple but amazingly powerful exercise that has really helped me to facilitate a dramatic transformation in my life. Grab a pencil and paper and write up a list of all the things big and small that you have to be thankful in your life. If you’re feeling down, start with something basic, like having clean water to drink. Are you aware of just how much of a luxury that is? Unsafe water and lack of sanitation accounts for 80% of all illnesses worldwide! We are truly blessed to live in a country where we have unlimited access to life’s greatest resource.

Take your time and compose your list, and when you awake in the morning and retire to bed in the evening read it aloud back to yourself. Do this for a few weeks, and I promise you, your days will begin to look and feel brighter and brighter. When we give thanks for what we already have, we open the door for more goodness to flow into our lives.

Here is my list, perhaps this will help to get you started:

1. Faith and God’s support and forgiveness – the Lord Jesus Christ

2. My family’s unwavering commitment to my well being

3. My income and self sufficiency

4. A handful of true friends

5. My overall physical health – ability to be active

6. The seasons

7. Football as a hobby and a passion

8. The support network created by my blog

9. Second chances

10. Honest, genuine, kindhearted people who make my days brighter

11. My ability to openly communicate my feelings

12. Always being able to go home

13. UNC – Chapel Hill

14. Opportunities to persevere and grow

15. A clean and inviting living space

16. Life’s basic necessities: food to eat, clean water to drink and bathe, clothes to wear

17. Communication networks for staying in touch

18. Working from home and the flexibility it affords me

19. Phillies baseball

20. My great car

21. The lessons I’ve learned living life

22. Restful sleep

23. My education from a top five public university

24. Loyal friends and partners in business

25. A strong team of co-workers who support my efforts

26. Sunshine

27. Crisp fall air and the calming effect it has on me

28. My sharp mind and my ability to think analytically

29. Smiles and positive affirmation

30. Success stories – inspirational documentaries – The Secret

31. The outdoors and getting away – Camp

32. Holiday get-togethers

33. Being able to present myself attractively to women

34. Calm Clinic and other outlets/resources for battling anxiety

35. My grandmother’s continued strong physical health

36. Heroes – Josh Hamilton, Eric LeGrand, Tim Tebow

37. California – rising, falling, and rising to stand tall again

38. My resilient counterpart and most loyal friend, my cat Dixie

39. Comedy – movies that make me laugh

40. People who invest their time and resources in helping others, animals included

41. Feeling needed, being relied upon

42. The beach and the sounds of the ocean

43. Writing to save myself and in turn provide support to others

44. Pep talks – locker room speeches

45. PRAYER – the Bible

46. Unlocking renewed strength by disabling adversity

47. Dreams – hope

48. My eyes and the visual memories of places that I’ve been

49. Job security – strong sales numbers

50. My big, strong heart

51. A “Y” that is far greater than “x”

52. Miracles

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