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I decided to try something a bit different for this evening’s blog entry.  Here is a short poem.  God bless you all!


Say Something


Say something profound,

Say something real.

Look inside for the story,

That speaks what you feel.


You’ve found your faith,

You’ve found your heart,

Embrace the new day,

For it’s your fresh start.


Be grateful for sunshine,

Be grateful for rain.

Learn to grow and evolve,

From the lessons in pain.


Give a gift that endures,

Give a gift that inspires.

Learn to be patient,

But maintain your desires.


Stay true to yourself,

Stay true to the Lord.

Resist the temptations,

That the devil brings forward.


Believe in your hopes,

Believe in your dreams.

God will grant miracles,

And He will redeem.


The bottom is not the end,

The bottom is the beginning.

It’s simply the place,

Where we all start living.