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a new day, a new direction

Morgan James Team,

I want to first thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity that you have provided me. Your interest in my writing means the world to me. It reminds me that I do have something unique to offer the world, and that I should embrace my gift.

I have the made the decision however not to complete my manuscript for Rising to the Surface. There are couple of reasons for this. First and foremost, I have begun to recognize that my published story may cause others pain and/or feelings of guilt. This is particularly true with the topics that involve my family. And I don’t want to put them through that. The most important thing is that I have made my peace with my life, and I truly have. I don’t need to hurt others to prove anything at this point.

Secondly, I realized not long ago that my writing and this story in particular wasn’t about selling books, it was about finding myself. Along my journey to self realization I did develop a strong desire to help not only myself but others as well, and that passion still burns inside of me. But I feel that I can approach those efforts in a different way. I am still learning and identifying how best to reach out. Perhaps at this point, my blog will continue to be the most useful outlet for that. I hope that you will all continue to follow my entries at

Lastly, I must also let you know that I did become overwhelmed by the responsibility of putting this work together. And I don’t believe that any of it had to do with the time involved in completing the actual manuscript. I think that it was just very difficult for me to have to go back and revisit painful topic after painful topic over and over again. I remember the nights when I sat down and put those blogs together for the first time. Each entry was very difficult for me. I’d spend hours shaking with anxiety and eyes filled with tears just trying to get everything out. And when I’d finish, I’d feel the joy and satisfaction of a weight being lifted. So the thought of revisiting everything several times over to get the story to flow well in my manuscript well, it was just too much for me to handle. I enjoyed putting my past to rest, and I discovered quickly that I wasn’t ready to begin rewriting it.

I do feel that I have something very unique to offer the world, and I hope that writing will hold a significant seat in my future. But it’s time for me to move on from Rising to the Surface, at least in its current state. I need to continue to focus on bettering myself and improving the quality of life for those around me by embracing the opportunity that I have to write freely in my blog.

I am very sorry that I was unable to follow through with my commitment. I hope that you are able to appreciate my position. Perhaps we’ll do business with each other on another work in the near future; only time will tell. I thank you again for this tremendous opportunity. You are a wonderful group of people and I wish you all nothing but the very best.

May God Bless!

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