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500+ for 50 – day 48: my “why”

Chasing dreams takes great strength and resiliency.  Anyone can have a vision for success, but it takes guts to develop a plan for action and begin working it relentlessly in pursuit of life’s greatest aspirations.  That’s why it’s so important that you have a “why” in place to serve as a persistent motivator for all that you wish you achieve.  Your “why” needs to be something powerful, something so valuable to you that as a result of its presence you will never settle or give in to the inevitable urges you receive to retreat or quit.  When you decide to commit to being a dream chaser you will need to recognize that along your journey you will undoubtedly be tempted by fears and doubts with stubborn regularity.  There will be encounters with great adversity along with moments of pain and darkness.  But if you want to see things through, you will need to remain committed to your course of action despite any obstacles that may arise.  You will need to be able to call upon your “why” to inspire you to keep going when times get tough.

My faith has always been the number one motivation encouraging my efforts to pursue my dreams.  When I began to recognize years ago that God had gifted me with a talent for writing and connecting with and inspiring others, I knew that I had to listen to His call.  After all, He had lifted me from the depths of despair to unveil my purpose for living.  He offered me life when the one that I had known had completely withered away.  He revived me as I died to my former self.  And I cannot imagine a more powerful bond to have with anyone or anything than the one that I have established with my Savior.  To know that God has taken a vested interest in you is a pretty amazing feeling.  To him I owe everything.  How could I possibly allow myself to let Him down?  I may turn away momentarily, but ultimately I will understand deep inside that I must always return to pursue my dreams not simply for me, but for Him as well – because those dreams are now OUR dreams.  I am called to live for Him.

A lot of dream chasers feel called to action to fulfill the needs of the people.  A pledge to achieve success for the purpose of enriching the lives of others is a great “why” to be embraced.  Beyond my commitment to the Lord, I too feel called to action to empower members of society.  I recognize that I have a powerful story to share, and that by playing it small I would be doing a great disservice to those in need.  By offering my own personal experiences as a sacrifice to those around me, I seek to summon the will of the oppressed and downtrodden.  I intend to offer hope to those who are lost and misunderstood.  And I pray that in leading by example I will inspire action among individuals who have lived their lives hiding from fears of criticism and judgment.  It is my goal to challenge the negative stigmas associated with mental health related issues so that I can lessen the burden that they have on the individuals who suffer silently.  I chase my dreams to motivate those like me to do the same and to prove that there is no shame in being honest and true to oneself, and there is certainly no shame in being “flawed”, as we are all the products of a perfect Creation.

Finally, at 31 years of age, I now also actively pursue my greatest aspirations for the benefit of my unborn children.  Many of my friends have already found themselves well established in their family lives with little youngsters running around their homes.  It’s adorable to see how their children seem to monitor every step that they take and every move that they make in an effort to be more like their mothers and fathers.  I see that as a great responsibility.  When I become a parent, I hope to be ready to set a tremendous example for my kids.  And I don’t want to have to think about the actions that I take; I want my steps to be second nature.  From the moment that my children take their first breaths, I want them to recognize their father as a man of consistency and faith.  I don’t want to ever have to explain my career to my children; I want for my vocation to be evident in everything I do.  When my son invites me to Kindergarten to talk to his class about what I do for a living, I want him to say, “This is my Dad, and he inspires people.”  I want my children to know that it’s sometimes best to be unconventional, and that it’s okay to believe in miracles.  I intend on creating an honest, open environment for them to share with me their feelings, their needs, and their own unique ambitions.  And I hope to empower them to be shining examples of compassion and love among those around them.  I chase my dreams today for the sake of my unborn children, so that I am sufficiently prepared for the responsibility that will come with their arrival.

Everyone needs a “why” (or two, or three)…tell me, what is yours?

May God Bless!

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