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500+ for 50 – day 29: the reflection in the mirror

When you look into the mirror, what do you see?  Many of us serve as our own biggest critics.  And in that reflection peering back at us we find ways to scrutinize one flaw after another.  We tend to magnify imperfections within ourselves that the average observer could never in a million years begin to see.  Our analysis generally runs far deeper than the image presented on the surface.  We critique the unseen as well.  Because to so many of us it’s not who we are that we find so discouraging, but it’s who we aren’t.  We’ve been educated by society on what it means to be pretty, to be successful, to be fit, to be wealthy, and to be strong.  The mass media has set standards of appeal to which very few feel that they can ever measure up.  And far too often we allow those standards to deteriorate the value of our own self-image.

What occurs as a result of our personal critique can be devastating to our future development and growth.  When we begin to view ourselves as less than adequate, we start attracting less than adequate outcomes to our lives.  We receive what it is in life that we have decided that we deserve.  Human beings are like magnets in a world that is absolutely limitless.  All of life’s outcomes are essentially floating around in space waiting to align themselves with their matching hosts here on earth.  What we spend our energy believing that we will receive and working towards is more often than not what we will connect with in our future.  If you view yourself as a victim, you will very likely spend your life playing that role.  If you envision yourself as a champion however, your opportunities for success will be endless.  The power is within you to direct the course of your future.

It’d be easy to sit back and lay the responsibility for your limiting mindset on the world around you.  That’s a bit of what we touched upon in yesterday’s post…the blame game.  It’s easy to point the finger in the direction of the masses when you feel insecure or unhappy about the reflection that you see in the mirror.  But it takes guts to accept ownership of the image gazing back at you.  The truth is that you do own it, whether you like it or not.  You have the final say in the evaluation that you make about yourself.  What the world sees matters not one bit.  It’s what you see that counts.  God created all of His children with the touch of His perfect hands, so it’s important that you trust in the fact that you lack nothing.  You have the same right as anyone else to attract all of the positive outcomes available to you in this life.  So don’t limit yourself by critiquing the work of the universe’s sole flawless artist.

Later this evening I’m going to head out for my run.  And when I lace up my shoes and pop in my earbuds, I’m going to look into the mirror and envision myself as a Navy Seal.  Because I know that my perception is everything.  If I want to be at the top of my game physically, then I need to view myself as the likeness of those who excel beyond the fitness standards of the average thirty plus year old male.  If I want to approach my run as a warrior heading into battle, then I have to see myself putting on my gear to prepare to head out on my mission.  No matter the targets that I have set in my life, I will create my standard for future growth and development based upon the reflection that I see.  In everything that I do, I must envision myself as the champion at the top of his class.  It’s in that vision and belief that I will attract the results that I wish to achieve in my life.

So if you desire like I do to connect yourself with the opportunities that match your dreams then you need to begin viewing yourself as a person who is worthy and deserving of them.  As long as you see yourself lacking what it takes, you will never attract your greatness.  Tune out the noise of society.  The world’s standards only serve to limit us.  Instead turn up your own volume.  If you want to be an artist, envision yourself as Picasso.  If you want to be an entrepreneur, picture yourself as Steve Jobs.  You get the idea.  Set the bar high.  And don’t let anyone interfere with the positive frequency that you develop as a result of your new, confident self-image.  Because those beautiful vibrations, like a magnet will attract the right outcomes to your life in time. 

May God Bless!