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500+ for 50 – day 39: one in 50 million

Inside of each and every one of us lies a dream.  And while there are many of us who are blessed to know the nature of our callings, there remain countless others still unaware of their greatest inspiration.  No matter whether we’ve had the opportunity to fully visualize the tremendous feats lying ahead of us or not, our most significant aspirations are most certainly a part of our make-up.  They were planted deep within our souls by our Creator when we were given life.  And when we make an investment in the truth and in the development of our God given purpose, our most meaningful dreams will undoubtedly manifest themselves in our minds. 

You see each of us has the potential to contribute greatly to the advancement of humanity.  No matter our skin color, no matter our birthplace, no matter the city or neighborhood that we were raised in nor the difficulties that we encountered in the early stages of our development…WE WERE ALL GIVEN LIFE FOR A VERY REAL REASON.  It’s hard to pose an argument against this.  The nature of conception is an absolute miracle in itself.  And to think that we were all chosen as one of 50 million sperm cells to be the basis of a new life….wow.  That’s absolutely amazing, isn’t it?  Someone upstairs sure must have thought that we were all pretty special.  So it’s important that we always recognize that, too.

I spent the better part of my first thirty years never really understanding how I fit into God’s plan.  To be honest, for most of that time I didn’t really care.  I was governed by selfish desires.  And I think that’s probably the reason that I felt so lost.  I was never that kid growing up who knew that he was going to be a doctor or a fireman.  I didn’t have any real direction.  I left college with a degree in History and began seeking a career that would offer me the best opportunity to make money quickly.  Because to me, that’s what was most important…get ahead, accumulate things, live the dream.  But those desires weren’t characteristic of the dream that had been planted in my heart.  Whether I had things or didn’t, whether I was loaded or broke, I never felt fulfilled living the life that I came to know chasing worldly pursuits.  And as a result I felt very conflicted inside.  It was as though life was trying to mold me into something that I was not.  And that made me feel very resentful.

After multiple bouts of heartache and more trials and tribulations throughout my twenties than most people will encounter in an entire lifetime, I finally hit my bottom.  And when I reached that breaking point, I turned to God to rescue me and offer me His guidance.  Soon after, my dream manifested.  And it’s been taking shape within me ever since.  I have admittedly thoughtlessly steered my focus away from my dreams from time to time, because honestly the world hasn’t stopped making every effort possible to influence me to head in other directions.  But ultimately, I’ve always returned.  Because I know in my heart and soul that the aspirations that have been revealed to me are critical to my fulfillment, and they’re also critical to the advancement of humanity.  So I cannot let go of my dream, no matter how difficult it may be at times to hold onto.  I know that I’ve been called to visualize my purpose for a very real reason, and I believe that God will bring my dreams to pass in this life, because that’s why He chose me, one out of 50 million, to take my first breath here on His green earth in the first place.

The tragedy of this life is that very few people remain committed to defining and pursuing their true callings.  Many of us simply float around for an entire lifetime as I did in my first thirty years, cashing paychecks, keeping busy, and following a program.  Never mind that we feel completely unfulfilled in what’s become our routine way of living.  “That’s just life,” we say as we begin to rationalize a subpar existence.  Before we know it, we’ve grown old and gray. And as things begin to slow down we finally have the time to look back on our achievements and the overall direction of the course of our lives.  Far too often, our conversations lead with “I wish I had…when I was younger” or “what if I had pursued…?”

That’s a scary way to die, and one that I hope that I never have to encounter.  I want to be able to rest easy in my final days knowing that I turned over every stone and gave absolutely everything that I had to the pursuit of my purpose.  I don’t want to sit back and remember all of the gifts that God has given me along with the dream that He put in my heart only to state that I was always too busy or too intimidated to ever develop my talents and skills and pursue my greatest aspiration.  How can I say that I ever really lived if I was never willing to invest in what He called me here for in the first place?  I don’t want to go to my grave feeling unfulfilled, knowing that I left the best of me hidden behind a distracted life.  What if God had planned for me to live a life that would change the world forever?

Imagine the society that we’d live in if everyone had the courage to believe in their purpose and follow the dreams planted within their soul.  Do you have any idea what we’re leaving on the table each and every day when we settle?  Don’t allow your ideas, your skills, your talents, and your abilities to die with you.  You’ve been called to greater service.  You’re one in 50 million – NO ONE was created like you.  And there is a very real purpose behind what it is that makes you unique.  There’s a very real dream within you waiting to take root in your mind.  And there’s a very real God watching from above and eagerly hoping to guide you to the fulfillment of the miraculous life that you’ve been given.  After all, it is He who called you.  So live it for Him before it’s too late…the world will thank you for it.

May God Bless!