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500+ for 50 – day 14: dream killers

I’ve had several new beginnings throughout the course of my life.  So it should be no surprise to anyone that my blog is so aptly named Setback2Comeback.  I’ve ventured down some very dark and treacherous roads.  And I’ve lost myself in the hopeless abyss more times than I can remember.  But somehow I’ve always recovered, thanks be to God.  His presence has been the glimmer of light in the distance that has guided me out of the most troubling times in my life.  I will forever be indebted to Him for the grace that He has bestowed upon me in moments when I’ve allowed myself to be led astray.  Despite my best efforts to push Him away at times, He has never given up on me.  So I can’t help but believe that He has a greater purpose in mind for my life.  And that’s very comforting.

While I take pride in my ability to restore myself following periods of trial and tribulation, I know that this type of rollercoaster ride of recovery that I’ve been on cannot sustain itself forever.  If I am going to fulfill my purpose here on earth I am going to need to stop sabotaging my efforts.  Rebuilding is a tiresome process.  And my mission requires consistency.  So it’s critical that I form new positive habits by making committed efforts to advance both my mental and physical well-being.  Inevitably, adversity will present itself as it always does.  And I will need to be conditioned for peak performance when times get tough to ensure that I do not fall victim to the darkness that beckons.

I’ve found that it’s whenever I’m on the way to achieving something truly positive in my life through faith inspired action that I am tested the hardest.  And despite the fact that I consider myself a resilient and determined individual, I’ve failed those tests many, many times.  I’ve allowed the vulnerabilities within me to steer my wheels off course repeatedly and have been led back to feelings of insecurity, lack, heartache, and often times both mental and physical anguish throughout the duration of my life.  And my hard work has become at times nothing more than a sacrifice to the darkness which far too often finds a way to prevail over the light that so desperately wants to shine vibrantly from within my soul.  I routinely become a victim of the dream killer.

Dream killers are everywhere.  The world is filled with them.  And they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Because I’ve spent the better portion of my life getting to know them well through my own personal battles, I thought that tonight it might be useful for me to share a few of the more common varieties with you.  Perhaps then you’ll be able to more effectively identify their presence so that you can disarm them before they make their desperate efforts to lead you astray.  After all, you’ll want to stay on course with your life’s purpose.  Your light was meant to shine, and you can’t afford to waste away your days on this earth riding a rollercoaster of defeat and repeat.  Your time for greatness is now.

Here’s my list of 10 of the most common culprits that you need to be on the lookout for…

  1. Insecurity – a tough nut to crack, insecurity leads to devastating outcomes as it manipulates the mind into obsessing over personal inadequacies that do not exist, causing individuals to close themselves off, resist change, and settle for far less than what they truly deserve and are capable of achieving.
  2. Money – a tasty bait that’s hard not to take, money’s lure leads many dreamers to failure, tempting them with promises of comfort and wealth that could lead to either inaction or recklessness depending upon the vulnerabilities of the individual – money is not an adequate measure of success and its attainment should never be the sole mission of anyone, it should simply a byproduct of your hard work.
  3. Fear – false evidence appearing real, fear is the ultimate dream killer because it can literally stop a man dead in his tracks as he involves himself with devastating irrational thoughts and emotions over perceived threats of danger or pain that have been elevated to emergency status by his manipulative mind.
  4. Lack – the sibling of inadequacy, lack discourages the dreamer from getting started as he obsesses more over his present circumstances than the destination that he seeks, causing his imagination to be sacrificed to reality and ensuring that his journey never truly gets off the ground.
  5. Critics – you’ve got to love them, critics are bound to show up, no matter what path you’ve chosen in exploration of your dreams, but you can’t allow them discourage your efforts – keep your eyes focused on the prize and let their cowardly attempts to dampen your spirits ignite a fire of motivation within that will carry you to new heights.
  6. Negativity – self-directed or second hand, negativity is relentless in its efforts to disable the dreamer and it’s one of the most difficult threats to disarm – only by flooding the brain with positivity through visual and audio based exercises, meditation, prayer, and visualization can we outwit this monster – it takes a truly devoted commitment to expel negativity from your life.
  7. Technology – a double-edged sword, technology can be excellent when put to effective use, but it can also be a major distraction that will be delighted to steer you off course in a heartbeat – if you’re going to do big things, you’re going to need to set your cell phone aside, turn off the TV, and spend a little time with yourself free from distractions – your personal development requires it, and your dream will thank you later.
  8. Debt – totally evil in nature, debt makes every effort to limit the flexibility of the dreamer by holding him in financial custody, beckoning him to look back on his shortcomings rather than forward on the opportunities lying ahead that could lead to lifelong financial independence if he is simply willing to see his dreams come to fruition.
  9. Busyness – an epidemic in our society, busyness robs us of our creative positioning as we become overly involved in rather meaningless activity often in efforts to postpone action directed towards the development and success of our most important commitments.
  10. Judgment – a cruel reality in our society, judgment is something that we simply cannot escape no matter how hard we might try, so we’ve got to learn to roll with it – we need to accept the fact that some people won’t see the value in our dreams and that we might be labeled as crazy or flawed for our unconventional methods for achieving success – and that’s okay, because in the end there’s only one Judge, and He’s not of this world.

Beware, the dream killers will be waiting for you on your journey to greatness.  But fear not as you’re well prepared to ward off their threats to interfere with your success.  Don’t settle for the rollercoaster ride of defeat and repeat.  You can win this battle today.  There’s no need to waste a lifetime on setbacks and comebacks.  Your dreams await you – go take them.

May God Bless!





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